Web Development

Your website is the most integral part of your corporate communication strategy and is critical to building your image and creating brand identity. An online presence is critical to any marketing strategy. Websites as they say have the power to make or break brands.

WebStrikers offers web development services which are a rich blend of creativity, informative content, brand sensitivity, technical and interactive skills and design execution. Our powerful yet cost effective web solutions are guaranteed to enhance your business image and are a great value for your money.

    Why Opt for WebStrikers' Web Development Services

    • Advanced and comprehensive range of technologies used
    • Unique blend of creativity and functionality
    • Excellent navigation, user friendly and interactive
    • Highly competent professionals with extensive experience
    • On time delivery
    • Cost Effective

Static, Dynamic , Flash Websites

Based on individual business needs, we offer static, dynamic or flash websites. Static websites use HTML language and can be SEO optimized and visually attractive and interactive. They are well equipped to effectively convey your business presence.

Static websites, after some time, tend to get monotonous and may not get repeat visitors. Adding a number of features helps in keeping alive the interest of your visitor. That is achieved by use of dynamic websites. Dynamic websites incorporate a number of additional features such as reviews, bulletins, polls, surveys, interactive content, flash presentations etc.

Database Driven Web-sites

A database driven website is basically a dynamic website which is capable of providing real time, customized information to customers using a combination of input data, data stored in system and business rules set in your database. Database driven websites are highly interactive and extremely effective in servicing your customers better.

Portal Web sites

The WebStrikers team uses open source technologies for developing portal websites. These are usually extensive sites with a number of pages. We also work on third party customization to help reduce execution time. Our portal websites are powered by client specified business rules set in the database.

E-commerce solutions such as Shopping Cart, Online Payments

E-commerce is the process of marketing on the web. Businesses today are keen to tap this growing market of online shoppers to increase business revenues. WebStrikers is well equipped and experienced to implement all necessary functionalities to enable online purchases. We have the ability to securely handle payments using third party payment companies such as PayPal or VeriSign.

Web based Applications such as Search engines , Chat, Email, etc

WebStrikers provides facilities or you to implement functionalities such as chat and mass emailing. These can be integrated into your site or configured as per your business needs.

Redesign Existing Website

You may already have a website but may not find it visually appealing. Or the website is probably not meeting your expectations in terms of its ability to attract visitors. Or maybe you need to give your website a more professional touch. Web designers from WebStrikers can provide a complete makeover to your existing site to meet your current business objectives.

We first conduct a thorough review of your current site, understand the strengths and gaps, study the functionalities and see what more needs to be and can be implemented. Our evaluation extends to each and every aspect of your current site including creative appeal, content strength, download time, ease of navigation, features, user engagement, search engine optimization, architectural strength etc. Based on our assessment and analysis, we provide you a detailed report on what needs to be done and the advantages of implementing change.

Once we've mutually agreed on the changes, we set about reworking on your entire site to ensure that your website has the ability to propel your business revenues and make you stay ahead of competition.

Website Maintenance Services

You may already have your website online, but will need to update it regularly to keep the content fresh. You may also need to add or modify features or sections once in a while. Hiring a full time web designer or programmer for this could turn out to be a costly affair. WebStrikers offer you web maintenance services at extremely competitive rates which ensure smooth business operations for you. Website maintenance is also a skill and cannot be entrusted to non professionals. You cannot compromise on the quality of your site in terms of broken links, functionalities not working, unprofessional display of content and graphics or slow downloads.

Trust the experts at WebStrikers with your website. We ensure that you site is constantly updated, new offers, news and updates are up on time, old information is pulled down on time, site is constantly checked for broken links, functionalities are tested etc.