Employee Relationship Management

Talent acquisition and employee engagement are key focus areas for any organization today and it is crucial that you stay on top of the way you reach out to employees and engage with them. WebStrikers now introduces a unique new product to rejuvenate your employee communications. Employee Relationship Management (ERM+) helps drive employee engagement by enhancing employee communications and collaboration.

Employee Relationship Management offers an array of facilities to address the way you connect with employees from broadcasting important messages and announcements to keeping track of employee related events such as birthdays and anniversaries. What Employee Relationship Management aims to achieve is improving organization performance and subsequent growth by targeting you most important assets – your people.

Employee Relationship Management also lets you adopt a greener approach to employee communications by reducing the environmental impact of using paper.

Get your Employee Relationship Management today and take your employee engagement programs to new heights. The results will reflect in the heightened motivation levels of your people.

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